You Cannot Get a Better Wireless Charger Than Courant’s Catch:2

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I am a wireless charging super-fan. I’m talking about aggressive fandom. Anywhere in my life that I can have wireless charging, I do. I get openly upset when new products are not conducive to the mastery and magic that is wireless charging. Being such a fan, I’ve tried a lot of subpar wireless chargers, but there’s one brand that hits all the marks: Courant, with its bougie leather chargers. One of the saddest failures of Apple in the last few years was its decision to preemptively cancel the AirPower, a wireless charger that was supposed to juice up your AirPods, iPhone, and Apple Watch at the same time. With its new Catch:2 dock, Courant pulled off what Apple couldn’t, and in a way that’s much prettier than a bland white slab.

courant catch 2 wireless charging pad

The Catch:2 charger comes in five different shades of leather.

Allie Holloway

This is wireless charging at its absolute best.

Anyone who’s used a wireless charger has probably experienced the dreaded dead spots, which require you to spend a few seconds (or minutes) adjusting your device just right to get that sweet, sweet power. With Courant, you can inaccurately and lazily toss your phone on the pad and nearly always get it charging. The special sauce to ensure reliable charging is the Catch:2’s coil system. While a lot of wireless chargers use the absolute minimum number of charging coils, set side-by-side or drawn too sparingly over the charging area within the pad, which leaves zones uncovered, Courant overlaps several coils, attempting to make zero dead space. After months of using the Catch:2, the only dead spot I’ve been able to find is on the absolute edge of the pad, where my phone has to do an unbalanced tightrope act to keep from falling off—something no one in their right mind would try to make work.
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courant catch 2 wireless charging pad

Tech like this fills a perpetual need in the market for both functionality and appearance.

Allie Holloway

It is beautifully designed, especially for tech.

Tech can be ugly. It’s a constant struggle for me, a person who loves tech but also loves an aesthetically precise apartment design. More times than not, wireless chargers look like black pads with LED elements. Courant tech, however, is designed with the idea of home in mind. Featuring aluminum edges and a very nice leather covering, it can be set on a nightstand, dresser, side table, wherever, and actually add a textured element to the room instead of being an eye sore. This wireless charger is not just passable. We love functional tech, but when that tech looks impeccable too, that’s real innovation.

courant catch 2 wireless charging pad

Courant is luxury and practicality in one.

Allie Holloway

These are one-of-a-kind chargers.

Chargers that hold two devices are few and far between, and due to those coil gaps, oftentimes they pretty much suck. So with brands like Apple dropping out of the multi-charging game, Courant is easily your best bet not only for the looks and quality, but for the easy de-cluttering of your charging station. Beyond just the Catch:2, Courant makes a Catch:3, which has a catchall tray on the side for your keys and sunglasses, along with a portable charger called the Carry that, get this, is also wireless. My apartment once looked like something out of Inspector Gadget—cords and wires and devices everywhere. Not so much anymore.

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Photography and prop styling by Allie Holloway

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