Watch the Animal Crossing Musicians Perform a Delightful Live Version of the Theme Song

There are two things I can’t get off my mind. One is this letter my Animal Crossing villager, Boomer (the penguin who dresses like Leo D. in The Aviator) wrote to me the other week:

My dreamy Brady…

I had a dream that me and you climbed a mountain! In the dark! At the top was a couch. We sat and ate snacks and watched the sun come up. It was real chill and fun.

Let’s find a sunrise,


This was around the time I had a quarantine dream about Boomer. In it, I staged a variety show with my Animal Crossing friends as the leads (the visuals were a live-action/CGI mix, à la Detective Pikachu), and Boomer was supposed to be the final act. Backstage, he was bugging out so hard that I had to give him a pep talk. When he finally went out, a massive tiger jumped on the stage, and before he could eat poor Boomer, I woke up. It was neither chill, nor fun. No snacks. The only sunrise I found was the one I woke up to, beaming through my window, reminding me that I was still trapped in hell.

On a lighter note! The second thing I can’t get off my mind is a video. The official Animal Crossing Twitter account assembled the musicians behind the New Horizons score to perform the game’s main theme. The song is a delightful, flugelhorn*-anchored jingle of promise on its own, but seeing the IRL instruments and performers at work is enough to make a day. There are bongos, an accordion, a tiny little guitar, and the flugelhorn, of course. Even if you haven’t devoted your life to the slumlord known as Thomas Nook, it’s still worth the watch.

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Herewith, consider this my application to the Animal Crossing band. I can play “Hot Cross Buns” on a recorder. Every Sunday, I watch American Idol. Monday, it’s The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. Seven people follow my gym playlist on Spotify. If, unannounced, you play the theme song to Zoey 101 or anything from The Marshall Mathers LP in my proximity, I can hum along on-key. Almost.

*My coworker Dom Nero said he would go after Tom Nook if this was incorrectly described as a trumpet, not a flugelhorn.

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