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WATCH: Campus Police Officer Doesn’t Accept SJW Logic

WATCH: Campus Police Officer Doesn’t Accept SJW Logic

Much to the chagrin of social justice warriors, a campus police officer at Kennesaw State University (KSU) upheld the law at a free speech event held in late October. 

Video footage obtained by Campus Reform shows leftist students at KSU smugly shredding signs at the free speech event, claiming they promoted “violence.”

“Abortion is murder #DefundPlannedParenthood,” “There are only two genders,” and “The gender wage gap, Harry Potter, Both Fantasy,” were some of the messages depicted on the signs. 

According to the President of the College Libertarians at KSU, Javid Ona, the signs were posted by individuals attending the free speech event. Ona told Campus Reform the signs didn’t represent the views of all groups involved as there were many “groups from across the political spectrum” in attendance. 

“Are you serious? You’re gunna [sic] sit here and promote this stuff and then get pissed when they rip it up?” one of the protesters asked the participants of the event. Another social justice warrior attempted to justify the vandalism by claiming one sign promoted “violence against transgender people like myself.”

One sign owner challenged the hoodlums by asking them if they had the right to destroy someone’s private property. “Is it your property?” one protester asked. 

When the owner said it was, the vandal smirked and asked: “Does it have your name on it?”

Another member of the small crowd, who appeared to be against the vandalism, expressed her own disapproval by offering constructive feedback, suggesting signs that pose a question, rather than a statement. 

Several attendees of the event reported the vandalism to a police officer monitoring the event. 

 Campus Reform reports the officer explained to the main vandal that she “helped tear up a sign,” explaining that it was a crime.

When told she had committed a crime, the vandal asked, “How?”

“Because it’s someone else’s property,” the officer explained. 

The main vandal, who refused to identify herself, wanted proof of purchase for the signs, asking, “May I see the receipt for it?”

“Oh my god. Do you want to do this, this way?” the officer responded. “I can take you to jail if you don’t identify yourself. That’s how this works.”

One protester tried to justify the signs’ destruction by telling the officer they contained “hate speech,” prompting the officer to move the vandals away from the other students. 

“You and you,” the officer said pointing to the two protesters, “walk over to my car and we’re going to talk away from all these people so that we can have a conversation without anybody else interrupting.”

The protesters were escorted to the officer’s car and were detained, however, the owners of the signs refused to press charges. 

Videos Via CampusReform

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