**Live Updates** VA Gov Race Results: Ed Gillespie vs. Ralph Northam | Media Hard

**Live Updates** VA Gov Race Results: Ed Gillespie vs. Ralph Northam

**Live Updates** VA Gov Race Results: Ed Gillespie vs. Ralph Northam

Establishment Republican tactician Ed Gillespie faces off against Democrat Ralph Northam in tonight’s Virginia gubernatorial race. The contest between the two milquetoast and uninspiring establishment candidates represents nearly everything voters hate about politics.

Gillespie and his band of virtue-signalling Bush loyalists in the GOP love when political and media elites pat them on their heads for being “good Republicans” (translation: useful idiots). But when Gillespie was down double digits in the polls, he suddenly decided that the way to win was to focus on illegal immigration. Gillespie closed the gap, dictated the terms of the debate in the home stretch, put Northam on the defensive, and forced Northam to turn off some anti-Trump resistance activists who were incensed that Northam said he would sign a bill to outlaw sanctuary cities.

Legendary former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder–who refused to endorse Northam for foolishly marginalizing Justin Fairfax, the black Democrat running to succeed Northam as lieutenant governor, when Northam needs to get as many black Democrats to vote for him as possible—may have said it best when he said of the gubernatorial contest, “We do not have the best candidates.”

The candidate who wins will be the one who gets the most voters to go to the polls for them while holding their noses.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates throughout the evening. All times eastern.

Polls close at 7 p.m. eastern

7 PM: Polls now closed in Virginia. Gov. race results here. Results for House of Delegates and local races here.

6:50 PM: More exit polls: Health care top issue for voters.

6:40 PM:

6:32 PM: Will rural turnout make the difference? 

6:30 PM: Democrats excited about Fairfax numbers. Gov. Terry McAuliffe is optimistic on MSNBC, predicting Dems will sweep the three statewide races. 

Exit Polls: Trump Not a Factor: 

Virginians were asked if they were voting for or against Trump:

To express support for Trump: 16%
To express opposition to Trump: 32%
Trump not a factor: 49%

Gillespie Seems to Want It More than Northam:

Outrageous Truck Ad Backfiring on Northam?

The Latino Victory Fund’s commercial that depicted Gillespie supporters in Virginia as racist who want to mow down minority children may have backfired and even motivated Republicans in Northern Virginia to out on their raincoats and boots and go to the polls to vote against the ad, which the left-wing group pulled after an Islamic terrorist used a truck to kill eight people and injure at least a dozen in New York.

Raining in Northern Virginia:

The weather has been nasty in vote-rich Northern Virginia. Obama supporters would be more than willing to go to the polls for him on rainy and dreary. But will enough of Northern Virginia’s professionals enthusiastically head to the polls in droves for Northam in nasty weather?

Exit polls: Voters want Confederate statues left in place:

A whopping 94% of Republicans and 73% of Independents want the monuments to stay.

“The lieutenant governor came forward and said we should remove all of the historical statues in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I disagree with that,” Gillespie toldThe Hill on Tuesday. “And that’s a difference in policy. It’s a legitimate debate but it’s a difference in policy.”

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