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How To Buy Art For Your Home

How To Buy Art For Your Home

Brittney Palmer

Three Dreams by Brittney Palmer

You can buy the most beautiful furniture and décor, but nothing pulls a room together like properly decorated walls. This isn’t exactly a surprise considering consumers spend $ 150 billion on arts and entertainment every year. But, whether you are buying a mass produced print from Amazon or something entirely unique from a local art show—the amount of choices can be overwhelming. But at any budget, this is an important decision. After all, we live with our art. So how do you go about finding a piece that ultimately will become as integral to your home as your favorite sofa?

If you have no idea where to begin, renowned artist and collector Deborah Kass has some sage advice, “White goes with everything. Start there.” If you want to discover quality artists from the comfort of your own home, she suggests checking out ArtSpace and Artsy.

Deborah Kass

Day after Day by Deborah Kass

Tappan art collective founder Chelsea Neman explained that buying art is a very personal process, “Buy with your eyes and not your ears. When people first start collecting it’s so easy to get influenced by everyone else’s opinions, but I think the more important thing to consider is what you are drawn to and what you love. You should feel a connection to the piece you are acquiring.”

One way to find art that you have a meaningful connection with is to keep your eyes open on your next vacation. This will not only elevate your experience as a tourist, but it allows the memory to become part of your everyday life. In the past, hotel art hasn’t exactly been anything to write home about. However, several boutique hotels in California are enhancing their guests’ experiences through art. In 2016, Kimpton The Goodland in Goleta gave five artists “residencies” over the course of a week so they could create art inspired by the chic “SoCal” style of the hotel. Turning poolside suites into pop-up studios—it was an opportunity for them to work and interact with guests in a way that was almost like performance art.

Along the Central Coast, The Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach aka Surf City is displaying the work of a single local artist. The lobby features a gallery by award-winning surf and ocean photographer, Aaron Chang. While neither hotel sells the art displayed, guests may be inclined to purchase other works from those artists.

Kimpton The Goodland

Art on display at Kimpton The Goodland Hotel

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