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Holiday Season Increases Obnoxious Behavior In New York

Holiday Season Increases Obnoxious Behavior In New York


New York, with all of its cultural virtues, has its own set of unique problems given the concentration of so many people in such a small space. The holidays, if anything, exacerbate the situation. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but lately folks seem far more preoccupied with themselves and much less mindful of those around them. You may call me grumpy, but how many of you have noticed the escalation of such obnoxious behavior??

Below, perhaps just to vent, I’m listing 10 of my own pet peeves in no particular order (there are more, of course), some of which are specific to New York. But I think most of us can relate.

– Wearing big packs on a crowded subway or bus. I can’t tell you how many times I have been assaulted by someone’s backpack. He or she turns abruptly, and the extension of his/her personage goes pow! If you are to bring such things on crowded transport, please remove and place them on the floor between your legs.

– Holding doors on a crowded subway car to let friends in. C’mon. This upsets the conductor and passengers in the car. The trains are late enough in New York – please do not add to the mess. Some offenders are even so defiant as to argue with the conductor with the doors half-open. Get over yourselves.

– Rowdy groups yakking it up loudly in a subway car as if their congregation is the only one in there (mostly teens and preteens). This seems to happen most often in the mornings and after school. Many of these groups seem to enjoy the annoyance of the patrons around them. Yo man, stop it.

– Standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk or doorway obliviously texting on a cellphone. There are more people in the city than just you. Act accordingly. Find a place out of the way if your ‘breaking news’ can’t wait!

– Smoking stinky cigars anywhere in public. This one goes without explanation.

– Blabbing loudly as you walk down the street with one of those obnoxious microphones that allow you not to hold the cellphone to your ear. I’m not sure why this is more offensive than say, blabbing loudly to a friend, but it is. Perhaps it reminds one of the Big Swinging Dick stereotypes made famous in movies like Wall Street and The Big Short.

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