FEMINIST PROF OUTRAGE: Beyonce’s Veganism Is Racist, Promotes the ‘Responsibilization of the Individual.’

FEMINIST PROF OUTRAGE: Beyonce’s Veganism Is Racist, Promotes the ‘Responsibilization of the Individual.’

Feminist scholars aren’t big fans of self-management and discipline. 

Blasting the dietary habits of a pop goddess in a recent article, two professors at the University of London claimed Beyonce’s brand of veganism “reproduces existing patterns of discrimination and inequality.”

Beyonce recently announced she would undertake a 22-day vegan challenge. 

According to Campus Reform, the professors, Ella Fegitz and Daniela Pirani, called Beyonce’s choice a “post feminist dietary practice” and laid out precisely how veganism is problematic. 

Their main gripes? It promotes a “consumer culture,” and contributes to the horrors of personal choice over the good of the collective. Or, in the pissed-off profs’ words, it “leads to the responsibilization of the individual.”

[Editor’s note: Responsibilization isn’t a recognized word.] 

Worse still, the scholars claim, veganism leads to a celebration of the “sexy body,” which is presumably a bad thing.  

Not mentioned in the article, published in a recent issue of Feminist Media Studies, is that veganism is extremely unhealthy and bad for the environment. 

“The appropriation of a vegan diet is mobilized as part of a post-feminist ethics that promotes an individualistic form of emancipation, which sustains existent patterns of discrimination and inequality, consumerism and neoliberalism,” Fegitz and Pirani wrote.

Whatever that means. 

“In this context, the endorsement of veganism is radically different from the ethical and political stance of eco-feminism or black veganism, becoming commodified as just another lifestyle choice,” they added.

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