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Feminist Journo Outraged by Sign Encouraging Nice Words

Feminist Journo Outraged by Sign Encouraging Nice Words

Former assistant editor of the Huffington Post Dina Rickman caused a stir on social media after claiming Transport For London, London’s mass transit authority, were encouraging sexual harassment with a sign on the underground.

The sign, with normal vision, reads:

“When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say but for them it could last a lifetime.”

However, when read through the glasses of feminism, the sign clearly says:

“Why not take the time to sexually harass a stranger?”

Or as Rickman so helpfully translated for us:

After getting suitably mocked and ratio’d by Twitter users, professional provocateur Piers Morgan decided to wade in and make Rickman’s day even worse.

Clearly feeling awfully oppressed by the patriarchy for receiving backlash on a public forum, Rickman hit back saying that Morgan had organized a “massive pile on a woman” simply for acknowledging her daft tweet. In the mind of a feminist, this “shows exactly the kind of male entitlement that causes sexual harassment.”

Tweets, you see, are literally sexual assault.

Though routinely mocked for such a statement, Rickman has since put Morgan’s quote in her bio, indicating that maybe she doesn’t mind the attention after all.

Since social media scuffle transpired, some mainstream media outlets were quick to defend Rickman. The Independentdescribed her thread as tweets “highlighting why it’s important to recognize behavior that can be construed as sexual harassment” and that her exchange with Morgan “led to an illuminating Twitter thread explaining exactly why his sentiments are wrongfully placed” leading us at DANGEROUS to believe the Independent may have been reading a different thread entirely.

The Sundescribed the exchange as an “attack” by Morgan, who “slammed” Rickman with the power of a few words on a social media platform.

Meanwhile, all is silent in Rickman’s camp. No doubt she’s on the hunt for more inanimate objects to be offended by.

feature image: Piers Morgan via The Independent

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