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Cop who dragged nurse for refusing order under investigation

A Salt Lake City police officer who arrested a nurse when she refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient now faces a criminal investigation.

Alex Wubbels was rushed by an officer, handcuffed and taken into custody at University of Utah hospital in late July after following a hospital policy that police wanted to violate.

Body camera footage of her confrontation shows the former athlete screaming after Detective Jeff Payne targeted her for refusing to draw blood from a car accident victim who could not give consent.

Police condemned the incident after Wubbels and her legal team showed the video to the public on Thursday, and said that Payne had been suspended from the blood draw program.

Nurse arrested for refusing to take blood sample for police

He was later place on paid administrative leave, with Salt Lake Mayor Jackie Biskupski saying in a statement that the police department for Salt Lake County had agreed to investigate the city department.

The probe will look at Payne as well as the other officers involved in the arrest, according to the district attorney’s chief deputy.

“It’s a criminal probe into the legality of the arrest and other conduct by law enforcement,” Jeff Hall told the Daily News.

Police said earlier that officers would receive further training for similar situations.

Nurse Alex Wubbels was taken into custody for refusing a cop

Nurse Alex Wubbels was taken into custody for refusing a cop’s order to take blood from an unconscious patient.

(Salt Lake City Police Department)

It was not immediately clear what charges could stem from the incident.

“You’re assaulting me. Stop. Stop. I’ve done nothing wrong,” Wubbels said as she was pressed up against a wall.

Wubbels, a former Olympic skier in the 1998 Nagano and 2002 Salt Lake City games, has not sued the department but said that she may. 

“People need to know that this is out there,” she said Thursday.

The patient that officers wanted blood from was William Gray, a truck driver who was hit while driver Marco Torres, who died in the crash, was fleeing from police.

Police in Rigby, Idaho, said Friday that Gray is a reserve officer for their force, and commended Wubbels for “protecting Officer Gray’s rights as a patient and victim.”

Gray is still at the University of Utah’s burn unit continuing his recovery from severe injuries, according to the Rigby Police.

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